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The role of lithospheric heterogeneity on the composition of kimberlite magmas from a single field: The case of Kaavi-Kuopio, Finland (vol 354, 105333, 2020)

Hayden Dalton, Andrea Giuliani, Hugh O'Brien, David Phillips, Janet Hergt

LITHOS | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020


The authors regret that a recent audit of kimberlite drill core stored at National Drill Core Archive of the Geological Survey of Finland has revealed that sample 14.4 from Pipe 14 was mislabelled and is actually sample 9.4 from Pipe 9. As a result, Tables 1 and 2, Fig. 5–9, Supplementary Tables S1–S8, Supplementary Figures S9–S15 have been revised and Figure S20 removed. The conclusions of the original paper (Dalton et al., 2020) are not influenced by these adjustments, all statistical treatments remain robust (p <0.05; updated Supplementary Material S2) and updated correlation coefficients (Fig. 6) are near-identical or slightly improved from those presented in our original work. As a resu..

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