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Decidual mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles ameliorate endothelial cell proliferation, inflammation, and oxidative stress in a cell culture model of preeclampsia

Shixuan Zheng, Aiwu Shi, Sophia Hill, Claire Grant, Maria I Kokkinos, Padma Murthi, Harry M Georgiou, Shaun P Brennecke, Bill Kalionis

Pregnancy Hypertension | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction contribute substantially to the pathogenesis of preeclampsia (PE). Decidual mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (DMSC), reportedly reduce endothelial cell dysfunction and alleviate PE-like symptoms in a murine model. However, as a therapeutic strategy, the use of whole DMSC presents significant technical limitations, which may be overcome by employing DMSC-secreted extracellular vesicles (DMSC_EV). DMSC_EV restoration of endothelial dysfunction through a paracrine effect may alleviate the clinical features of PE. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether DMSC-secreted, extracellular vesicles (DMSC_EV) restore endothelial cell function and reduce oxidative st..

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