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Implication of Implant Framework Misfit: An Animal Study on an Ovine Model

Jaafar Abduo, Roy Judge



Although clinicians routinely aim to provide a prosthesis with an accurate fit on implants, a degree of prosthesis misfit is inevitable. This exploratory pilot animal study evaluated the effects of framework vertical misfit and the timing of implant loading on implant position and screw loosening. Four implants were placed in healed ridges of each side of mandibles of 3 sheep. On the right side, 2 immediate frameworks were placed after 2 days. One framework was fitting, and the other one had a vertical gap of 0.5 mm on the distal implant. After 8 weeks (first review), the left side received 2 conventional frameworks with similar fit conditions to the right side. All animals were euthanized a..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge the guidance provided by Professor Warwick Duncan, the University of Otago, and Associate Professor Arun Chandu, the University of Melbourne, for their surgical input. The authors would like to thank Mr Alan McDonald, Vasculab, for conducting the anaesthesia and monitoring the sheep. The authors would like to thank Professor Rodrigo Marino, the University of Melbourne, for his recommendations on statistical analyses and data presentation. This study was funded by the Early Career Researcher Grant, the University of Melbourne.