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Heterogeneous task co-location in containerized cloud computing environments

Z Zhong, J He, MA Rodriguez, S Erfani, R Kotagiri, R Buyya

2020 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC) | IEEE | Published : 2020


Although cloud computing became a mainstream industrial computing paradigm, low resource utilization remains a common problem that most warehouse-scale datacenters suffer from. This leads to a significant waste of hardware resources, infrastructure investment, and energy consumption. As the diversity in application workloads grows into an essential characteristic in modern datacenters, task co-location of different workloads to the same compute cluster has gained immense popularity as a heuristic solution for resource utilization optimization. Although the existing co-location methodologies manage to improve resource efficiency to a certain degree, application QoS is usually sacrificed as a ..

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