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Hybrid Formulation of Resilient Modulus for Cohesive Subgrade Soils Utilizing CPT Test Parameters

B Ghorbani, A Arulrajah, G Narsilio, S Horpibulsuk, MW Bo

Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering | ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers | Published : 2020


In the present study, a novel model is introduced for the prediction of a resilient modulus (MR) of cohesive subgrade soils considering cone-penetration test parameters to establish correlations with the MR. A reliable previously published database composed of 124 datasets was utilized for the development of the proposed model, which incorporates both cone penetration test (CPT) parameters and laboratory indices. In order to generate the predictive model, a hybrid algorithm combining a firefly algorithm with a multilayer perceptron neural network (FA-MLP) is proposed. The FA algorithm is employed in the MLP network structure to adjust the weights and the bias of the network and, hence, impro..

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