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Guidelines for wrist-worn consumer wearable assessment of heart rate in biobehavioral research.

Benjamin W Nelson, Carissa A Low, Nicholas Jacobson, Patricia Areán, John Torous, Nicholas B Allen

npj Digital Medicine | Published : 2020


Researchers have increasingly begun to use consumer wearables or wrist-worn smartwatches and fitness monitors for measurement of cardiovascular psychophysiological processes related to mental and physical health outcomes. These devices have strong appeal because they allow for continuous, scalable, unobtrusive, and ecologically valid data collection of cardiac activity in "big data" studies. However, replicability and reproducibility may be hampered moving forward due to the lack of standardization of data collection and processing procedures, and inconsistent reporting of technological factors (e.g., device type, firmware versions, and sampling rate), biobehavioral variables (e.g., body mas..

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