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The perinatal origins of childhood anxiety disorders and the role of early-life maternal predictors.

Megan Galbally, Stuart J Watson, Elisabeth FC van Rossum, Wai Chen, Edo Ronald de Kloet, Andrew J Lewis

Psychol Med | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: The development of childhood anxiety disorders (CADs) is likely to depend on pathways that can be programmed by early-life risk factors. We test the hypothesis that early-life maternal factors can predict this programming effect on CAD. METHODS: Data were obtained from 198 women and children from the Mercy Pregnancy and Emotional Wellbeing Study (MPEWS), a cohort study with data collected across pregnancy, postpartum and until 4 years of age. Maternal antenatal depression was measured using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID-IV), together with antenatal hair cortisol concentrations, maternal childhood trauma and parenting stress at 6 months postpartum. CAD was ass..

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