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Boronia (Rutaceae) is polyphyletic: Reinstating Cyanothamnus and the problems associated with inappropriately defined outgroups

Marco F Duretto, Margaret M Heslewood, Michael J Bayly

TAXON | WILEY | Published : 2020


The monophyly of Boronia (Rutaceae) was tested using 134 accessions of 120 species belonging to 39 genera from subfamily Amyridoideae. Taxa included representatives of all eight sections of Boronia plus species of most genera in the two main clades related to Boronia that had been identified by earlier studies. These samples included a good representation of genera from both rainforest and sclerophyllous biomes. Maximum parsimony and Bayesian inference analyses were performed using three plastid markers (psbA-trnH, trnL-trnF, rbcL) and two nuclear ribosomal markers (ITS, ETS). Separate analyses of plastid and nuclear sequences using either maximum parsimony or Bayesian inference analyses rec..

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