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Effects of Vitamin B2 Supplementation in Broilers Microbiota and Metabolome

Elena Biagi, Carlo Mengucci, Monica Barone, Gianfranco Picone, Alex Lucchi, Pietro Celi, Gilberto Litta, Marco Candela, Gerardo Manfreda, Patrizia Brigidi, Francesco Capozzi, Alessandra De Cesare

Microorganisms | MDPI | Published : 2020


The study of the microbiome in broiler chickens holds great promise for the development of strategies for health maintenance and performance improvement. Nutritional strategies aimed at modulating the microbiota—host relationship can improve chickens’ immunological status and metabolic fitness. Here, we present the results of a pilot trial aimed at analyzing the effects of a nutritional strategy involving vitamin B2 supplementation on the ileum, caeca and litter microbiota of Ross 308 broilers, as well as on the metabolic profile of the caecal content. Three groups of chickens were administered control diets and diets supplemented with two different dosages of vitamin B2. Ileum, caeca, and l..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the UNIBO research contract 77/2018.