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Evaluation of Palm Oil-Based Paracetamol Suppositories by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin, Chung Lip Yong, Ilyana Mofat, Zainorwan Zainuddin, Aditya Arya, Shaik Nyamathulla

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research | PHARMACOTHERAPY GROUP | Published : 2014


Purpose: To use differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to predict the liquefaction time and dissolution profile of some commercial paracetamol suppositories as well as paracetamol suppositories formulated with palm oil base. Methods: The suppository base was prepared by mixing hydrogenated palm oil and palm kernel stearin in a ratio of 8:2. Three commercial paracetamol suppositories (A, B, and C) were purchased, while product D, paracetamol suppository was formulated with suppository base using the double casting method. In-vitro drug release from suppositories was determined using DSC and the effect of liquefaction on drug release was studied. The relationship between suppository melting a..

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