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Chloroform Fraction of Centratherum anthelminticum (L.) Seed Inhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and Exhibits Pleotropic Bioactivities: Inhibitory Role in Human Tumor Cells

Aditya Arya, Mouna Achoui, Shiau-Chuen Cheah, Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab, Putri Narrima, Syam Mohan, Mohd Rais Mustafa, Mustafa Ali Mohd



We investigated the antioxidant potential, cytotoxic effect, and TNF-α inhibition activity with NF-κB activation response in a chloroform fraction of Centratherum anthelminticum seeds (CACF). The antioxidant property of CACF was evaluated with DPPH, ORAC, and FRAP assays, which demonstrated significant antioxidant activity. The cytotoxicity of CACF was tested using the MTT assay; CACF effective inhibitory concentrations (IC(50)) for A549, PC-3, MCF-7, and WRL-68 cells were 31.42 ± 5.4, 22.61 ± 1.7, 8.1 ± 0.9, and 54.93 ± 8.3 μg/mL, respectively. CACF effectively and dose-dependently inhibited TNF-α release, in vitro and in vivo. CACF inhibited TNF-α secretion in stimulated RAW264.7 macrophag..

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Awarded by Institute of Research Management and Consultancy (IPPP)

Awarded by University of Malaya

Funding Acknowledgements

This study, which was carried out as part of the corresponding author's PhD research, was supported by an Institute of Research Management and Consultancy (IPPP) research grant (No.: PS144/2008C) and by a University of Malaya Research Grant (HIR: E00002-20001). We are also grateful to Nitika Rai, chief executive of Amritum Bio-Botanica Herbs Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., for contributing the plant material. These sources were not involved in the study design; in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; and in the decision to submit the article for publication.