Towards Positive Public Administration: A Manifesto

Scott Douglas, Paul 't Hart, Chris Ansell, Lotte Anderson, Matthew Flinders, Brian Head, Donald Moynihan, Tina Nabatchi, Janine O'Flynn, B Guy Peters, J Raadschelders, Alessandro Sancino, Thomas Schillemans, Eva Sorensen, Jacob Torfing

Published : 2019


Public administration –as a field of both academic study and professional practice – would benefit greatly from a more systematic and cohesive strand of research that is explicitly geared towards systematically studying the successes and positive contributions of government. At present, the citizenry at large is ill-informed about what government does well, while the civil service operates in a political environment that tends to derogate or discount its accomplishments. In this environment, it is incumbent for scholars to offer a more balanced appreciation for, and more empowering understanding of, public administration. Inspired by comparable developments in other disciplines, we outline t..

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