Book Chapter

Trajectories of Reform: Where (and Who) Are the Public Servants?

Patrick Lucas, Janine O'Flynn, Avery Poole

Palgrave Handbook of the Public Servant | Palgrave Ma | Published : 2021


This concluding chapter brings together the contributions in this section and makes the case that public servants are not only (re)constructed by public sector reform, but their beliefs, identities, dilemmas, and actions shape reform trajectories too. Notions of place, time, and perceptions emerged as pervasive contextual themes that public servants grapple with as part of the dynamics of reform. Drawing on the section contributions, public servants’ situated agency is examined in these contexts. It is argued the adaptations that occur from their dilemmas, hybridity on the macro public sector-scale and bricolage at the micro public servant scale, in turn alter reform developments. We also ma..

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