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Functional analysis and generalized treatment of disruptive behavior during dental exams.

Kelly L McConnell, Jessica L Sassi, Lauren Carr, Julia Szalwinski, Aimee Courtemanche, Fatoumatta Njie-Jallow, Wendy R Cheney

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis | Published : 2020


Patient disruption during dental visits can impede treatment and may result in invasive approaches to care. The current study evaluated the efficacy of graduated exposure with and without extinction to decrease disruption during dental treatment for 4 young men with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Modified functional analyses confirmed that disruption was maintained by escape from dental demands for all four young men. Initial treatment consisted of graduated exposure, whereby exam steps were initially removed and then gradually reintroduced as disruption remained low; throughout this phase, disruption resulted in a break from the exam. During the subsequent treatment phase, graduated exposu..

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