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Longitudinal analysis of subtype C envelope tropism for memory CD4( )T cell subsets over the first 3 years of untreated HIV-1 infection

Matthew J Gartner, Paul R Gorry, Carolin Tumpach, Jingling Zhou, Ashanti Dantanarayana, J Judy Chang, Thomas A Angelovich, Paula Ellenberg, Annemarie E Laumaea, Molati Nonyane, Penny L Moore, Sharon R Lewin, Melissa J Churchill, Jacqueline K Flynn, Michael Roche

RETROVIROLOGY | BMC | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: HIV-1 infects a wide range of CD4+ T cells with different phenotypic properties and differing expression levels of entry coreceptors. We sought to determine the viral tropism of subtype C (C-HIV) Envelope (Env) clones for different CD4+ T cell subsets and whether tropism changes during acute to chronic disease progression. HIV-1 envs were amplified from the plasma of five C-HIV infected women from three untreated time points; less than 2 months, 1-year and 3-years post-infection. Pseudoviruses were generated from Env clones, phenotyped for coreceptor usage and CD4+ T cell subset tropism was measured by flow cytometry. RESULTS: A total of 50 C-HIV envs were cloned and screened for..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded through an NHMRC project grant to PRG (Grant No 1086178). MG is supported by an Australian Research Training Program Award from RMIT University. JKF and TAA were supported by an RMIT Vice Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellowship. PLM is supported by the South African Research Chairs Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology and the NRF (Grant No 98341). SRL was supported by an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship (Grant No 1135851) and Program Grant (Grant No 1149990). MR was supported by an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (Grant No 1072151).