Journal article

Nocturia in patients with cognitive dysfunction: a systematic review of the literature

Rebecca Haddad, Thomas F Monaghan, Charles Joussain, Veronique Phe, Wendy Bower, Saskia Roggeman, Gilberte Robain, Karel Everaert

BMC Geriatrics | BMC | Published : 2020


Funding Acknowledgements

RH reports grants from, Fonds de dotation Renaitre, Societe Francaise de Medecine Physique et de Readaptation with the institutional support of Merz Pharma France and Societe Interdisciplinaire Francophone d'UroDynamique et de Pelvi Perineologie. Authors independently conceptualized the design, methods, data collection, analysis and writing of the manuscript and grants did not influence the content.