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Honeymoon Hitching Post

John Meade

The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne, and National Art School, Sydney | Published : 2016


The sculpture, Honeymoon Hitching Post, re-stages the Panton Chair, a classic pop Danish design by Verner Panton. The chair was the first plastic (& fibreglass), mass-produced, stackable, moulded chair cast in one piece. It was introduced to the market through a Swiss company, Vitra, in 1967. The Hitching Post is one of my more humorous sculptures; it also has an erotic vibe to it, which is probably due to the ‘riding’ aspect of the saddle and the sensuous curves of the line. It also suggests the glossy red 1971 Rolling Stones tongue logo, by John Pasche, which originally appeared in inner sleeve of the Sticky Fingers album.

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