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Multispecies Cohabitation and Future Design

Stanislav Roudavski, Stella Boess (ed.), Ming Cheung (ed.), Rebecca Cain (ed.)

Proceedings of Design Research Society (DRS) 2020 International Conference: Synergy | Design Research Society | Published : 2020


How should humans live with animals and other forms of life? Could responses to this question improve the health and wellbeing of the biosphere? This paper argues that design researchers ought to engage nonhuman lifeforms as collaborators: informants and co-designers, or clients and users. Inspired by recent design challenges involving birds, bats and trees, this paper positions emancipatory multispecies cohabitation as a goal that can alleviate ongoing biodiversity losses and human-wildlife conflicts, in cities and beyond. It opens an interdisciplinary conversation by translating emerging scholarship in ethics, politics, and aesthetics to a narrative about desirable more-than-human cultures..

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