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Thermally reduced graphene oxide showing n- to p-type electrical response inversion with water adsorption

AA Haidry, Z Wang, Q Fatima, A Zavabeti, L Xie, H Zhu, Z Li

Applied Surface Science | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Graphene oxide (GO) is regarded as one of the potential candidates for gas and humidity sensor applications owing to its excellent water adsorption capabilities. However, there is a lack of understanding the response of GO to humidity. Some authors believe the water adsorption leads to p-type response while other think it to be n-type. The present work demonstrates the mechanism of water adsorption and n- to p-type response inversion of GO to humidity. The GO suspension was synthesised by modified Hummers’ method and then drop-casted onto the substrates having already patterned gold interdigital electrodes (IDE). The sensors can detect wide humidity range (5–95 %RH) with a low voltage 0.1 V ..

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