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Physiological and Transcriptomic Changes in the Hypothalamic-Neurohypophysial System after 24 h of Furosemide-Induced Sodium Depletion

Sabrina G Dutra, Alex Paterson, Livia RN Monteiro, Michael P Greenwood, Mingkwan P Greenwood, Ludimila S Amaral, Mariana R Melo, Debora SA Colombari, Eduardo Colombari, Luis C Reis, Charles CT Hindmarch, Lucila LK Elias, Jose Antunes-Rodrigues, David Murphy, Andre S Mecawi

Neuroendocrinology | KARGER | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND/AIMS: Furosemide is a loop diuretic widely used in clinical practice for the treatment of oedema and hypertension. The aim of this study was to determine physiological and molecular changes in the hypothalamic-neurohypophysial system as a consequence of furosemide-induced sodium depletion. METHODS: Male rats were sodium depleted by acute furosemide injection (10 and 30 mg/kg) followed by access to low sodium diet and distilled water for 24 h. The renal and behavioural consequences were evaluated, while blood and brains were collected to evaluate the neuroendocrine and gene expression responses. RESULTS: Furosemide treatment acutely increases urinary sodium and water excretion. Aft..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by grants from FAPESP -2011/507701 to M.R.M., D.S.A.C. and E.C.; 2013/23057-8 and 2019/08621-0 to A.S.M.; 2013/09799-1 and 2014/15218-4 to J.A.-R. and L.L.K.E.; from FAPERJ -E26/110.045/2014 and E26/202.981/2015 and CNPq -400503/2014-0 to L.C.R.; from BBSRC -BB/J005452/1 to D.M. and C.C.T.H., BB/J015415/1 to D.M. and M.P.G.; from MRC DTG Fellowship to A.P. and D.M., and MR/N022807/1 to M.P.G. and D.M. and from CAPES -financial code 001.