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Preparation of Nanoporous Carbonaceous Promoters for Enhanced CO2 Absorption in Tertiary Amines

MS Alivand, O Mazaheri, Y Wu, GW Stevens, CA Scholes, KA Mumford

Engineering | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Aqueous solutions of tertiary amines are promising absorbents for CO2 capture, as they are typically characterized by a high absorption capacity, low heat of reaction, and low corrosivity. However, tertiary amines also exhibit very low kinetics of CO2 absorption, which has made them unattractive options for large-scale utilization. Here, a series of novel nanoporous carbonaceous promoters (NCPs) with different properties were synthesized, characterized, and used as rate promoters for CO2 absorption in aqueous N, N-diethylethanolamine (DEEA) solutions. To prepare a DEEA–NCP nanofluid, NCPs were dispersed into aqueous 3 M DEEA solution using ultrasonication. The results revealed that among mic..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to acknowledge the University of Melbourne for the Melbourne Research Scholarship, infrastructural support, and financial resources provided for this project. The authors also acknowledge the support of the Bio21 Advanced Microscopy Facility (the University of Melbourne) and Melbourne TrACEES Platform (Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Sciences) for the technical support, data analysis, and expert advice.