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Exploring blockchain for sustainability in the food supply chain: An affordance approach

MH Yew, S Kurnia, A Molla, M Ali, T Ramayah, M Rahim

Proceedings of the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems: Information Systems (IS) for the Future, PACIS 2020 | Association for Information Systems | Published : 2020


For sustainable development, supply chains need to simultaneously pursue economic, social, and environmental sustainability goals, collectively known as the triple bottom line (TBL). Touted as a disruptive technology for supply chains to attain sustainability, blockchain had a slow and patchy diffusion. This research-in-progress paper explores how food supply chains (FSCs) can develop affordances from blockchain to address critical challenges and improve the TBL performance. It proposes a conceptual model, based on affordance-actualization theory, linking sustainability critical success factors in the FSC to blockchain-enabled affordances and the resulting TBL improvements. The study offers ..

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