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A cost-effectiveness analysis of genomic sequencing in a prospective versus historical cohort of complex pediatric patients

Alison Yeung, Natalie B Tan, Tiong Y Tan, Zornitza Stark, Natasha Brown, Matthew F Hunter, Martin Delatycki, Chloe Stutterd, Ravi Savarirayan, George Mcgillivray, Rachel Stapleton, Smitha Kumble, Lilian Downie, Matthew Regan, Sebastian Lunke, Belinda Chong, Dean Phelan, Gemma R Brett, Anna Jarmolowicz, Yael Prawer Show all



PURPOSE: Cost-effectiveness evaluations of first-line genomic sequencing (GS) in the diagnosis of children with genetic conditions are limited by the lack of well-defined comparative cohorts. We sought to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of early GS in pediatric patients with complex monogenic conditions compared with a matched historical cohort. METHODS: Data, including investigation costs, were collected in a prospective cohort of 92 pediatric patients undergoing singleton GS over an 18-month period (2016-2017) with two of the following: a condition with high mortality, multisystem disease involving three or more organs, or severe limitation of daily function. Comparative data were collecte..

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