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Definitions and classification of malformations of cortical development: practical guidelines

Mariasavina Severino, Ana Filipa Geraldo, Norbert Utz, Domenico Tortora, Ivana Pogledic, Wlodzimierz Klonowski, Fabio Triulzi, Filippo Arrigoni, Kshitij Mankad, Richard J Leventer, Grazia MS Mancini, James A Barkovich, Maarten H Lequin, Andrea Rossi

BRAIN | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2020


Malformations of cortical development are a group of rare disorders commonly manifesting with developmental delay, cerebral palsy or seizures. The neurological outcome is extremely variable depending on the type, extent and severity of the malformation and the involved genetic pathways of brain development. Neuroimaging plays an essential role in the diagnosis of these malformations, but several issues regarding malformations of cortical development definitions and classification remain unclear. The purpose of this consensus statement is to provide standardized malformations of cortical development terminology and classification for neuroradiological pattern interpretation. A committee of in..

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