Conference Proceedings

Augmenting automated kinship verification with targeted human input

D Hettiachchi, S Hosio, V Kostakos, N van Berkel, MB López, J Goncalves

Proceedings of the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems: Information Systems (IS) for the Future, PACIS 2020 | Association for Information Systems | Published : 2020


Kinship verification is the problem whereby a third party determines whether two people are related. Despite previous research in Psychology and Machine Vision, the factors affecting a person's verification ability are poorly understood. Through an online crowdsourcing study, we investigate the impact of gender, race and medium type (image vs video) on kinship verification - taking into account the demographics of both raters and ratees. A total of 325 workers completed over 50,000 kinship verification tasks consisting of pairs of faces shown in images and videos from three widely used datasets. Our results identify an own-race bias and a higher verification accuracy for same-gender image pa..

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