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Analysis of Hepatitis B virus haplotype diversity detects striking sequence conservation across genotypes and chronic disease phase.

Josef Wagner, Lilly Yuen, Margaret Littlejohn, Vitina Sozzi, Kathy Jackson, Vithika Suri, Susanna Tan, Becket Feierbach, Anuj Gaggar, Patrick Marcellin, Maria Buti Ferret, Harry LA Janssen, Ed Gane, Henry LY Chan, Danni Colledge, Gillian Rosenberg, Julianne Bayliss, Benjamin P Howden, Stephen A Locarnini, Darren Wong Show all

Hepatology | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: We conducted haplotype analysis of complete hepatitis B virus (HBV) genomes following deep sequencing from 368 patients across multiple phases of chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) infection from 4 major genotypes (A to D), analysing 4110 haplotypes to identify viral variants associated with treatment outcome and disease progression. RESULTS: Between 18.2% and 41.8% of nucleotides and between 5.9% and 34.3% of amino acids were 100% conserved in all genotypes and phases examined, depending on the region analysed. HBeAg loss by week 192 was associated with different haplotype populations at baseline. Haplotype populations differed across the HBV genome and CHB history, this being most prono..

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