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QCD studies with e e- annihilation data at 130 and 136 GeV

G Alexander, J Allison, N Altekamp, K Ametewee, KJ Anderson, S Anderson, S Arcelli, S Asai, D Axen, G Azuelos, AH Ball, E Barberio, RJ Barlow, R Bartoldus, JR Batley, G Beaudoin, J Bechtluft, C Beeston, T Bebnke, AN Bell Show all

Zeitschrift fur Physik C-Particles and Fields | Published : 1996


We have studied hadronic events produced at LEP at centre-of-mass energies of 130 and 136 GeV. Distributions of event shape observables, jet rates, momentum spectra and multiplicities are presented and compared to the predictions of several Monte Carlo models and analytic QCD calculations. From fits of event shape and jet rate distributions to δ(α s2])+NLLA QCD calculations, we determine αs(133 GeV)= 0.110±0.005(stat.)±0.009(syst.). We measure the mean charged particle multiplicity 〈(nch)〈 = 23.40±0.45(stat.)±0.47(syst.) and the position ζ0 of the peak in the ζp = ln(1/xp) distribution ζ0 = 3.94±0.05(stat.)±0.1 l(syst.). These results are compared to lower energy data and to analytic QCD or ..

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