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Phylogenetic signals in pest abundance and distribution range of spider mites

Peng-Yu Jin, Jing-Tao Sun, Ary Hoffmann, Yan-Fei Guo, Jin-Cheng Zhou, Yu-Xi Zhu, Lei Chen, Xiao-Yue Hong

Published : 2019


Abstract Attributes of pest species like host range are frequently reported as being evolutionarily constrained and showing phylogenetic signal. Because these attributes in turn could influence the abundance and impact of species, phylogenetic information could be useful in predicting the likely status of pests. In this study, we used regional (China) and global datasets to investigate phylogenetic patterns in occurrence patterns and host ranges of spider mites, which constitute a pest group of many cropping systems worldwide. We found significant phylogenetic signal in relative abundance and distribution range both at the regional and global scales. Relative abundance and range size of spid..

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