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The JAK1/STAT3/SOCS3 axis in bone development, physiology, and pathology

Natalie A Sims

Experimental & Molecular Medicine | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


Bone growth and the maintenance of bone structure are controlled by multiple endocrine and paracrine factors, including cytokines expressed locally within the bone microenvironment and those that are elevated, both locally and systemically, under inflammatory conditions. This review focuses on those bone-active cytokines that initiate JAK-STAT signaling, and outlines the discoveries made from studying skeletal defects caused by induced or spontaneous modifications in this pathway. Specifically, this review describes defects in JAK1, STAT3, and SOCS3 signaling in mouse models and in humans, including mutations designed to modify these pathways downstream of the gp130 coreceptor. It is shown t..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (NHMRC)

Funding Acknowledgements

N.A.S. thanks Emma C Walker, Tsuyoshi Isojima, and T.J. Martin for critical reading of the manuscript. N.A.S. is supported by an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship. St. Vincent's Institute benefits from the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Funding Scheme. Sources of support: National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (NHMRC) Project Grant 1120978, NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship 1154819.