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Recommendations for Biomarker Identification and Qualification in Clinical Proteomics

Harald Mischak, Guenter Allmaier, Rolf Apweiler, Teresa Attwood, Marc Baumann, Ariela Benigni, Samuel E Bennett, Rainer Bischoff, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Giovambattista Capasso, Joshua J Coon, Patrick D'Haese, Anna F Dominiczak, Mohammed Dakna, Hassan Dihazi, Jochen H Ehrich, Patricia Fernandez-Llama, Danilo Fliser, Jorgen Frokiaer, Jerome Garin Show all

Science Translational Medicine | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2010


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Funding Acknowledgements

This initiative was supported in part by the Eu-roKUP COST-Action (BM0702;, by the European Community's 6th Framework Programme, grant agreement LSHM-CT-2006-037093 (InGenious Hyper-Care), and by the European Community's 7th Framework Programme, grant agreement HEALTH-F2-2009-241544 (SysKID). A.F.D. wishes to acknowledge support of the British Heart Foundation Chair and Programme Grants (BHF RG/07/005/23633). B.A.J. and J.N. acknowledge their support in part from NIH grants DK075868, DK078244, DK082753, DK083663, and DK080301. B.M. and J.P.S. acknowledge the support from the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR-07-PHYSIO-004-01), the Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale "Grands Equipements pour la Recherche Biomedicale," and the CPER2007-2013 program. J.J. was supported by a grant from Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01GR0807). W.H. acknowledges support by NCI grant CA 128427 and Korean WCU grant R31-2008-000-10086-0. A.V. and J.G. acknowledge support from FP7 DECanBio (grant agreement 201333). O.J.S. acknowledges support from NIH/NCI CA CA085067.