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Virulence and in vitro antifungal susceptibility of Candida albicans and Candida catenulata from laying hens.

Wafa Rhimi, Chioma Inyang Aneke, Giada Annoscia, Antonio Camarda, Adriana Mosca, Cinzia Cantacessi, Domenico Otranto, Claudia Cafarchia

International Microbiology | Published : 2021


In spite of evidence that domestic and wild birds may act as carriers of human pathogenic fungi, data on the role of laying hens as reservoirs of drug resistant and virulent yeasts is lacking. Here, we assess several virulence factors (phospholipase and haemolysin activity) and the antifungal susceptibility profiles of 84 Candida albicans and 17 Candida catenulata strains isolated from cloacae (group A), faeces (group B) and eggs (group C) of laying hens. Of these strains, 95% C. albicans and 23% C. catenulata strains displayed phospholipase and haemolytic activities. For C. albicans, the highest values of phospholipase (Pz = 0.62) and haemolytic activities (Hz = 0.49) were recorded among th..

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