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Real-world impact of anti-HER2 therapy-related cardiotoxicity in patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer

C Conduit, RH de Boer, S Lok, P Gibbs, L Malik, Z Loh, B Yeo, S Greenberg, B Devitt, J Lombard, M Nottage, I Collins, J Torres, M Nolan, L Nott

Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology | WILEY | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Anti-HER2 therapy-related cardiotoxicity is well described in the context of clinical trials, particularly in the setting of early stage disease, but there is more limited data in advanced breast cancer and in the real world setting. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospectively-maintained registry database with 312 consecutive patients diagnosed with HER2 positive advanced breast cancer in Australia was analysed. RESULTS: 287 patients (92%) received anti-HER2 therapy, 17 (6%) experienced anti-HER2 therapy-related cardiotoxicity. Patients who experienced cardiotoxicity were more likely to have ≥2 risk factors for cardiotoxicity (OR 3.9 95% CI 1.4-11.3 p = 0.01). A prior diagnosis of card..

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