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Sorption and diffusion of organic acid ions in anion exchange membranes: Acetate and lactate ions as a case study

Q Wang, GQ Chen, SE Kentish

Journal of Membrane Science | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


In this study, the sorption behaviour and conductivity of two anion exchange membranes (AR103 and AR204) equilibrated with sodium acetate and sodium lactate solutions are studied across a range of concentrations and pH values. The results indicate that the dissociation equilibria of the organic acids differ between the membrane phase and the external solution. There are significant concentrations of the neutral organic acid in the membranes at pH 6.5 even though the dissociation is virtually complete in the external solution. The concentration of this neutral acid increases as the pH is lowered, leading to a reduction in membrane conductivity. The diffusion coefficients of acetate and lactat..

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