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A Shared TCR Bias toward an Immunogenic EBV Epitope Dominates in HLA-B*07:02-Expressing Individuals

Louise C Rowntree, Thi HO Nguyen, Carine Farenc, Hanim Halim, Luca Hensen, Jamie Rossjohn, Tom C Kotsimbos, Anthony W Purcell, Katherine Kedzierska, Stephanie Gras, Nicole A Mifsud

The Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2020


EBV is one of the most common viruses found in humans and is prototypic of a persistent viral infection characterized by periods of latency. Across many HLA class I molecules, the latent-specific CD8+ T cell response is focused on epitopes derived from the EBNA-3 protein family. In the case of HLA-B*07:02 restriction, a highly frequent class I allele, the T cell response is dominated by an epitope spanning residues 379-387 of EBNA-3 (RPPIFIRRL [EBVRPP]). However, little is known about either the TCR repertoire specific for this epitope or the molecular basis for this observed immunodominance. The EBVRPP CD8+ T cell response was common among both EBV-seropositive HLA-B*07:02+ healthy and immu..

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Awarded by Department of Health/National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by Department of Health/National Health and Medical Research Council Grants APP1085018, APP1137739, APP1102792, and APP1159272.