Conference Proceedings

Designing Interactions for the Ageing Populations - Addressing Global Challenges

Sayan Sarcar, Cosmin Munteanu, Jussi Jokinen, Neil Charness, Mark Dunlop, Xiangshi Ren, Jenny Waycott

Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems | ACM | Published : 2020


We are concurrently witnessing two significant shifts: digital devices are becoming ubiquitous, and older people are becoming a very large demographic group. However, despite the recent increase in related CHI publications, older adults continue to be underrepresented in HCI research as well as commercially. Therefore, the overarching aim of this workshop is to increase the momentum for such research within CHI and related fields such as gerontechnology. For this, we plan to create a space for discussing and sharing principles and strategies to design interactions and evaluate user interfaces (UI) for the ageing population. We thus welcome contributions of empirical studies, theories, design..

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