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Toward a theory-based specification of non-pharmacological treatments in aging and dementia: Focused reviews and methodological recommendations

Sietske Sikkes, Yi Tang, Roos J Jutten, Linda Wesselman, Lyn Turkstra, Alex Bahar-Fuchs, Jeanette Tamplin, Zara Thompson, Amit Lampit

Alzheimer's and Dementia | Elsevier | Published : 2021


INTRODUCTION: Non-pharmacological treatments (NPTs) have the potential to improve meaningful outcomes for older people at risk of, or living with dementia, but research often lacks methodological rigor and continues to produce mixed results. METHODS: In the current position paper, experts in NPT research have specified treatment targets, aims and ingredients using an umbrella framework, the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System. RESULTS: Experts provided a snapshot and an authoritative summary of the evidence for different NPTs based on the best synthesis efforts, identified main gaps in knowledge and relevant barriers, and provided directions for future research. Experts in trial me..

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