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Perception of consonant length in familiar and unfamiliar languages by native speakers of Mandarin, Italian and Japanese

Kimiko Tsukada, John Hajek

Proceedings of the International Conference on Speech Prosody | ISCA | Published : 2020


This study builds on our previous research and provides additional analyses to determine if there is a relationship between the ability to process consonant length in familiar and unfamiliar languages for learners of Japanese whose native language is Italian or Mandarin. The emphasis is on L2-L3 (second-third language) phonetic influence. Japanese and Italian use consonant length contrastively, but not Mandarin. We thus asked if Mandarin learners with higher proficiency in Japanese are more or less accurate in length identification than Italian learners with first language (L1) experience of consonant length. Specifically, we focused on finding out if learners who accurately identify Japanes..

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