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Functional activation changes at ultra-high field related to upper and lower limb impairments in multiple sclerosis

Myrte Strik, Camille J Shanahan, Anneke van der Walt, Frederique MC Boonstra, Rebecca Glarin, Mary P Galea, Trevor J Kilpatrick, Jeroen JG Geurts, Jon O Cleary, Menno M Schoonheim, Scott C Kolbe

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractUpper and lower limb impairments are common in people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS), yet difficult to clinically identify in early stages of disease progression. Tasks involving complex motor control can potentially reveal more subtle deficits in early stages, and can be performed during functional MRI acquisition, to investigate underlying neural mechanisms, providing markers for early motor progression. We investigated brain activation during visually-guided force-matching of hand or foot in 28 minimally disabled pwMS and 17 healthy controls (HC) using ultra-high field 7-Tesla fMRI, allowing us to visualise sensorimotor network activity in high detail. Task activations and perform..

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