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The genome and metabolome of the tobacco tree, Nicotiana glauca: a potential renewable feedstock for the bioeconomy

Björn Usade, Takayuki Tohge, Federico Scossa, Nicolas Sierro, Maximilian Schmidt, Alexander Vogel, Anthony Bolger, Amanda Kozlo, Eugenia MA Enfissi, Kris Morrel, Manuel Regenauer, Asis Hallab, Colin Ruprecht, Heidrun Gundlach, Manuel Spannagl, Yaw Koram, Klaus FX Mayer, Wout Boerjan, Paul Fraser, Staffan Persson Show all

Published : 2018


Background Given its tolerance to stress and its richness in particular secondary metabolites, the tobacco tree, Nicotiana glauca , has been considered a promising biorefinery feedstock that would not be competitive with food and fodder crops. Results Here we present a 3.5 Gbp draft sequence and annotation of the genome of N. glauca spanning 731,465 scaffold sequences, with an N50 size of approximately 92 kbases. Furthermore, we supply a comprehensive transcriptome and metabolome analysis of leaf development comprising multiple techniques and platforms. The genome sequence is predicted to cover nearly 80% of the estimated total genome size of N. glauca . With 73,799 genes predicted and a BUS..

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