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Chlamydia psittaci: a suspected cause of reproductive loss in three Victorian horses

R Akter, AW Stent, FM Sansom, JR Gilkerson, C Burden, JM Devlin, AR Legione, CM El-Hage



Chlamydia psittaci was detected by PCR in the lung and equine foetal membranes of two aborted equine foetuses and one weak foal from two different studs in Victoria, Australia. The abortions occurred in September 2019 in two mares sharing a paddock northeast of Melbourne. The weak foal was born in October 2019 in a similar geographical region and died soon after birth despite receiving veterinary care. The detection of C. psittaci DNA in the lung and equine foetal membranes of the aborted or weak foals and the absence of any other factors that are commonly associated with abortion or neonatal death suggest that this pathogen may be the cause of the reproductive loss. The detection of C. psit..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to Kim Jeffers (The University of Melbourne) for extracting DNA. We acknowledge the support of Agriculture Victoria through their support of the Significant Equine Disease Investigation Scheme that facilitated submission and testing of these cases.