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Exploring the Brazilian Thermal Comfort Database: an overview on the main contributions

C Buonocore, M André, G Ramos, R De Vecchi, C Candido, R Lamberts, Susan Roaf (ed.), Fergus Nicol (ed.), William Finlayson (ed.)

11th Windsor Conference: Resilient Comfort | Network for Comfort and Energy use in Buildings | Published : 2020


Significant data from thermal comfort studies conducted in indoor built environment have been included in databases worldwide, e.g. the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Database II, where Brazil holds a relevant position. The records include a total of 10,925 thermal comfort votes, coming from field studies mainly conducted in offices and schools. Thus, this paper aims to present the database, describing its characteristics and main results from a preliminary analysis. The method was based on the standardization and treatment of raw data from field studies, and some analysis of thermal perception responses and environmental variables were performed. The results highlighted some important variat..

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