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Experimental fluid dynamics characterization of a novel micropump-mixer

F Akbaridoust, CM de Silva, C Szydzik, A Mitchell, I Marusic, WS Nesbitt

Biomicrofluidics | AIP Publishing | Published : 2020


The application of lab-on-a-chip systems to biomedical engineering and medical biology is rapidly growing. Reciprocating micropumps show significant promise as automated bio-fluid handling systems and as active reagent-to-sample mixers. Here, we describe a thorough fluid dynamic analysis of an active micro-pump-mixer designed for applications of preclinical blood analysis and clinical diagnostics in hematology. Using high-speed flow visualization and micro-particle image velocimetry measurements, a parametric study is performed to investigate the fluid dynamics of six discrete modes of micropump operation. With this approach, we identify an actuation regime that results in optimal sample flo..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge Dr. Rose Brazilek, Associate Professor Justin Hamilton, and Professor Harshal Nandurkar for helpful discussions and support. The authors acknowledge the facilities and technical assistance of Monash Micro Imaging (MMI), Monash University. This work used the Victorian node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF). Devices were fabricated within the Micro Nano Fabrication Facility (MNRF), RMIT University. The authors gratefully acknowledge the Australian Research Council for financial support of this work. This project was funded through an NHMRC development (Grant No. APP1153716).