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Effects of a wearable technology-based physical activity intervention on sleep quality in breast cancer survivors: the ACTIVATE Trial

Nga H Nguyen, Jeff K Vallance, Matthew P Buman, Melissa M Moore, Marina M Reeves, Dori E Rosenberg, Terry Boyle, Shakira Milton, Christine M Friedenreich, Dallas R English, Brigid M Lynch



INTRODUCTION: Physical activity interventions can improve sleep quality in breast cancer survivors. This paper examines the effects of the ACTIVATE Trial, a wearable-based physical activity intervention (Garmin Vivofit2® coupled with behavioral feedback, goal setting, and health coaching) on sleep outcomes. METHODS: Post-primary treatment, inactive, postmenopausal breast cancer survivors were recruited and randomized to primary intervention or waitlist. Wrist-worn actigraphy (sleep onset latency, SOL; total sleep time, TST; sleep efficiency, SE; wake after sleep onset, WASO; and number of awakenings, NWAKE) and questionnaire-derived sleep measures (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index) were assess..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by Register4 through its members' participation in research and/or provision of samples and information. Thanks also to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Breast Cancer Network of Australia, and Counterpart for their promotion of the ACTIVATE Trial and assistance with recruitment.