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Large-scale comparative visualisation of sets of multidimensional data

Dany Vohl, David G Barnes, Christopher J Fluke, Govinda Poudel, Nellie Georgiou-Karistianis, Amr H Hassan, Yuri Benovitski, Tsz Ho Wong, Owen L Kaluza, Toan D Nguyen, C Paul Bonnington

PeerJ Computer Science | PeerJ


We presentencube—a qualitative, quantitative and comparative visualisation and analysis system, with application to high-resolution, immersive three-dimensional environments and desktop displays.encubeextends previous comparative visualisation systems by considering: (1) the integration of comparative visualisation and analysis into a unified system; (2) the documentation of the discovery process; and (3) an approach that enables scientists to continue the research process once back at their desktop. Our solution enables tablets, smartphones or laptops to be used as interaction units for manipulating, organising, and querying data. We highlight the modularity ofencube, allowing additional fu..

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