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Glycosidically bound aroma precursors in fruits: A comprehensive review

Zijian Liang, Zhongxiang Fang, Ahalya Pai, Jiaqiang Luo, Renyou Gan, Yu Gao, Jiang Lu, Pangzhen Zhang

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition | TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC | Published : 2020


Fruit aroma is mainly contributed by free and glycosidically bound aroma compounds, in which glycosidically bound form can be converted into free form during storage and processing, thereby enhancing the overall aroma property. In recent years, the bound aroma precursors have been widely used as flavor additives in the food industry to enhance, balance and recover the flavor of products. This review summarizes the fruit-derived aroma glycosides in different aspects including chemical structures, enzymatic hydrolysis, biosynthesis and occurrence. Aroma glycosides structurally involve an aroma compound (aglycone) and a sugar moiety (glycone). They can be hydrolyzed to release free volatiles by..

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Awarded by Aus-Continent Wine Group Pty Ltd

Funding Acknowledgements

This review research was supported by the Aus-Continent Wine Group Pty Ltd under Grant [Funding Themis ID: 39168]. This review research was supported by the food science research group of the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne.