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Nebulized racemic epinephrine for extubation of newborn infants.

MW Davies, PG Davis

Cochrane Database Syst Rev | Published : 2002


BACKGROUND: Following a period of mechanical ventilation, post-extubation upper airway obstruction can occur in newborn infants, especially after prolonged, traumatic or multiple intubations. The subsequent increase in upper airway resistance may lead to respiratory insufficiency and failure of extubation. The vasoconstrictive properties of epinephrine, and its proven efficacy in the treatment of croup in infants, has led to the routine use of inhaled nebulized epinephrine immediately post-extubation in some neonatal units. It is also recommended for neonates with post-extubation tracheal obstruction and stridor in neonatal and respiratory textbooks and reviews. OBJECTIVES: The primary objec..

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