Book Chapter

An egophoric analysis of Dhivehi verbal morphology

Jonathon Lum

Studies in Diversity Linguistics, vol. 30 | Language Science Press | Published : 2020


Egophoricity is a typologically rare category in which first-person statements and second-person questions share the same marking ("egophoric"), while other contexts generally lack this marking. This chapter presents evidence that certain verbal suffixes in Dhivehi (Indo-Aryan, Maldives) mostly show an egophoric distribution, contrary to previous analyses of these suffixes as first/second person markers. Dhivehi is thus the first Indo-European language reported to show an egophoric pattern. Aside from the distribution of the relevant suffixes in first-person statements and second-person questions, further evidence for an egophoric analysis may be found in contexts where a third-person nomina..

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