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A simulation-based approach to assess the power of trend detection in high- and low-frequency water quality records.

Shuci Liu, Danlu Guo, J Angus Webb, Paul J Wilson, Andrew W Western

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment | Springer | Published : 2020


To provide more precise understanding of water quality changes, continuous sampling is being used more in surface water quality monitoring networks. However, it remains unclear how much improvement continuous monitoring provides over spot sampling, in identifying water quality changes over time. This study aims (1) to assess our ability to detect trends using water quality data of both high and low frequencies and (2) to assess the value of using high-frequency data as a surrogate to help detect trends in other constituents. Statistical regression models were used to identify temporal trends and then to assess the trend detection power of high-frequency (15 min) and low-frequency (monthly) d..

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