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Preliminary comparative analysis of the genomes of selected field reisolates of theMycoplasma synoviaevaccine strain MS-H reveals both stable and unstable mutations after passage in vivo

Somayeh Kordafshari, Pollob Shil, Marc S Marenda, Olusola M Olaogun, Barbara Konsak-Ilievski, Jillian Disint, Amir H Noormohammadi

BMC Genomics | BioMed Central | Published : 2020


Background Genomic comparison of Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine strain MS-H and the MS-H parental strain 86,079/7NS established a preliminary profile of genes related to attenuation of MS-H. In this study we aimed to identify the stability of mutations found in MS-H after passage in experimental or field chickens, and to evaluate if any reverse mutation may be associated with changes in characteristics of MS-H in vitro or in vivo. Results Whole genome sequence analysis of 5 selected MS-H field reisolates revealed that out of 32 mutations reported previously in MS-H, 28 remained stable, while four found to be reversible to the wild-type. Each isolate possessed mutations in one to three of the g..

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