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Serum microRNA is a biomarker for post-operative monitoring in glioma

Andrew Morokoff, Jordan Jones, Hong Nguyen, Chenkai Ma, Arian Lasocki, Frank Gaillard, Iwan Bennett, Rod Luwor, Stanley Stylli, Lucia Paradiso, Rachel Koldej, Iddo Paldor, Ramyar Molania, Terence P Speed, Andrew Webb, Guiseppe Infusini, Jason Li, Charles Malpas, Tomas Kalincik, Katharine Drummond Show all



PURPOSE: A circulating biomarker has potential to provide more accurate information for glioma progression post treatment, however no such biomarker is currently available. We aimed to discover a microRNA serum biomarker for longitudinal monitoring of glioma patients. METHODS: A prospectively collected cohort of 91 glioma patients and 17 healthy controls underwent pre and post-operative serum miRNA profiling using Nanostring®. Differentially expressed miRNAs were discovered using a machine learning random forest analysis. Candidate miRNAs were then assessed by droplet digital PCR in 11 patients with multiple follow up samples and compared to tumor volume based on magnetic resonance imaging. ..

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